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Check out these helpful resources to ensure successful offshoring.

Define the Job - Delegate CX - Outsourcing Tools

Define the Job

To begin your offshoring journey, you'll first want to decide which role(s) you're filling. This simple guide will help you write a job description, which you can use for internal hires as well!

Deliver the Right Talent - Interview Scorecard - Delegate CX - Outsourcing Tools

Deliver the Right Talent - Interview Scorecard

This handy scorecard provides an organized approach to interviewing, reviewing, and ultimately selecting job candidates.

Document the Process - Delegate CX - Outsourcing Tools

Document the Process

The most successful companies use processes to scale. This helpful template will guide you in doing exactly that.

Ensure Employee Retention - Delegate CX - Outsourcing Tools

Ensure Employee Retention

Keeping your overseas employees is essential to continued growth. This document contains several tips based on successful methods previously used by our clients.